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Welcome to the OnlyBlocks rules page!
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Basic Rules:

1. Respect others.

2. No cheating, hacking or performing known bugs and dupes.

3. Respect moderators and staff decisions, and allow them to perform their jobs accordingly.

4. No inappropriate usernames or nicknames.

5. No inappropriate Minecraft skins, images, capes, signs, or builds.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules will result in a temporary ban for 30 days.

Chat Rules:

1. Please only speak English

2. No racism

3. No sexism

4. No NSFW conversations

5. Our staff and an automated filter moderate all chat channels (public or private messages).

6. No offensive or discriminatory comments of any kind.

7. We have zero-tolerance for hate speech, resulting in a permanent ban.

8. Discussion of overly political or religious topics are not allowed.

9. No trolling or misleading other users.

10. No advertising of any kind (including other servers).

11. Malicious threats or any harassment will not be tolerated.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute