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Guide Staff Application Format
Heartlessrosie Owner
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7 months ago

Thank you for your interest in joining the OnlyBlocks staff team! We are constantly looking to recruit new staff members. 

Being a staff member is important. In short, we expect our staff to be active (7+ hours per week), approachable, and professional, as well as some essential requirements:

  • You must be 16 years of age or older
  • The ability to listen in on voice calls and participate. You do not have to have your mic unmuted at all times.

Copy the questions below and respond to them to the best of your abilities. Remember, the more effort you put into it, the higher your chances will be of getting accepted. Your application will be immediately rejected if you message a staff member or annoy them, and also if you fail to complete the application. The only time it is ok to mention the application is if you have not heard anything back from the staff team within 3 days. Best of luck!


What is your name?
What's your in-game name?
What is your name on Discord?
How old are you?
What timezone are you in?
How many hours can you dedicate in a typical week?
How long have you been playing on OnlyBlocks?
Have you ever been warned, kicked, or banned on OnlyBlocks? If yes, what for?
Have you ever been banned from another server? If yes, what for?
Why should we hire you?
If you could change one thing about OnlyBlocks, what would it be?
Have you been a staff member of an online community before? If so, please describe your role(s)
Scenario 1: Your friend has broken a rule. How would you handle the situation?
Scenario 2: A player is being rather rude to you after you've banned them. What will you do?
Scenario 3: Two players are arguing in public chat. They are insulting and swearing at each other. Their behavior is upsetting other players. How would you approach the situation?
What else should we know about you?



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