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TheGingerAvocado Owner Staff Manager Landlord Member
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5 months ago

What is your name?

Olivia Paulson 

What's your in-game name?


What is your name on Discord?

How old are you?

What timezone are you in?

How many hours can you dedicate in a typical week?

10 or more hours per week, depending on when I have work, I am definitely flexible. 

How long have you been playing on OnlyBlocks?

I’ve been playing ever since the only blocks beta was realised I was one of the first ones on the server which was such a pleasure and it was exiting to see how the sever has come along from then till now. 

Have you ever been warned, kicked, or banned on OnlyBlocks? 

If yes, what for? No 

Have you ever been banned from another server? 

I have never been banned from any server, I definitely not planning to either. 


If yes, what for?

Why should we hire you?

I would love to be able to join the team and help with anything I can, I love coming up with new ideas and definitely leaning everything there is about Minecraft I know I’m new to all this and I am willing to put in the hard work from stating from the bottom and working my way up, I’ve always wanted to help in any way I can, I see myself being a member of this amazing team, everyone is so friendly, I love you guys so much, this community is amazing, I thrive when working in a team, this would be an amazing opportunity for me to learn to build my knowledge and skills for in the future. 

If you could change one thing about OnlyBlocks, what would it be?

Absolutely nothing, all members of staff including the owners have made such an amazing community and they have done some really work good they have worked super hard, put in so many hours, tackled problems along the way, I’ve seen it all, only blocks have helped a lot of bringing people out of there shells and supported people and we’ve all had so much fun, don’t get me wrong it’s good to change things once in a while that’s how we adapt and changing things is a good thing but for now the server is doing good but I would definitely love to bring new ideas to the table in any way I can, helping and supporting people would be a blessing, take a load off the other staff members once in a while. 

Have you been a staff member of an online community before? If so, please describe your role(s)

I have been staffed in some other servers from co owner to modator, which was an amazing experience but that was on a different type of server not a gaming one. 

Scenario 1: Your friend has broken a rule. How would you handle the situation?

If I friend had broken a rule on the server I would still reported it even if it’s just a friend as we all have to follow the rules, it wouldn’t be fair if we all got away with something, following server rules are for a reason not to be disrespected. 

Scenario 2: A player is being rather rude to you after you've banned them. What will you do?

I would take this hirer up, because I’ve done everything I could possibly do to resolve the situation, there will be no need for rudeness and taking it hirer would encourage the situation to be resolved quicker, but this is only necessary if you’ve done everything you can do to resolve the situation by yourself, but do let a member of staff know what is going on if you do need some help with the situation for it to not get out of control. 

Scenario 3: Two players are arguing in public chat. They are insulting and swearing at each other. Their behavior is upsetting other players. How would you approach the situation?

First thing I would do is talk  to the other members of staff about the situation and maybe taking to the members separately to talk to them why they shouldn’t do that in a public chat and what impact it can have on other people and possibly give them a warning and if it happens or than once then all staff will come to a conclusion on weather to ban the players, if the situation isn’t resolved and gets to out of control. 

What else should we know about you?

I am a hard worker and I am willing to learn about the roles to do in the server, I wasn’t really a gamer person but how time has changed and it’s something I do feel passionate about now and wanting to get involved in, even just playing along side people is an incredible experience I’m a fast learner and very flexible person, obviously I do have a flaws such as  dislexia but that doesn’t stop me to being determined from what I would like to do, I hope you would consider me to join the team it would be an honour and much appreciated, thank you for reading this far thank you for your time.