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Accepted Eq/Auntysniper47 application for any of the roles
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Auntysniper47 Member
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4 months ago

Aunty's Staff Application

What is your name?

Ethan Xavier

What's your in-game name?


What is your name on Discord?


How old are you?


What timezone are you in?

Im on Eastern Standard Time

How many hours can you dedicate in a typical week? 

I can do 2-3 hours a day, most likely longer, i think my longest session in the server was 8-10 hours in one day

How long have you been playing on OnlyBlocks?

ive been playing since near the beginning of october

Have you ever been warned, kicked, or banned on OnlyBlocks? If yes, what for?

No i have not!  

Have you ever been banned from another server? If yes, what for? I’ve only been banned from a Five M GTA RP server and it was cause a hacker made my car fly while i was driving (i got unbanned) 

Why should we hire you?

I love minecraft, I also haven’t played in a community thats as fun and relaxed as this one and i really enjoy my time playing and joking with everyone

If you could change one thing about OnlyBlocks, what would it be? Honestly at the moment nothing, i have had ideas but they were always brought up in previous conversations in the “suggestions” tab in discord

Have you been a staff member of an online community before? If so, please describe your role(s) I have never been staff before but im a quick learner and super friendly and approachable!

Scenario 1: Your friend has broken a rule. How would you handle the situation? Even being my friend, I would still follow OnlyBlocks protocol and issue the proper penalty for violating any server rules, following the rules of the server ensures fairness for everyone!

Scenario 2: A player is being rather rude to you after you've banned them. What will you do? If i’m not able to resolve to it to a point where me and the server member are both happy i won’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help from a fellow staff member and we can all work to resolve the conflict

Scenario 3: Two players are arguing in public chat. They are insulting and swearing at each other. Their behavior is upsetting other players. How would you approach the situation? If other players were being affected by such negativity I would issue a 15 minute chat ban that would eventually escalate to more server punishments while following OnlyBlocks’ protocol

What else should we know about you? I am aboriginal/native, I’ve been playing minecraft since i was like 10 or 11 (23 years old currently) I also like to play valorant/leagueoflegends/rocketleague and pga golf tour. I work at a LEGAL cannabis dispensary full time, I am a huge sports fan i grew up playing and love watching lacrosse,football,hockey,basketball!! I love playing online blackjack aswell. i have a good sense of humor and will never take anything personally, I love working with a team and am super co-operative with working together to help better whatever it is i’m helping work on.

Love Eq/Auntysniper47/Sugadaddyformistykeys47  <3




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TheGingerAvocado Owner Staff Manager Landlord Member
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4 months ago

Thankyou for your application.

I am pleased to say that your application has passed Phase 1 of the recruitment process and I will be in contact with you in regards to a formal interview.
We wish you good luck in your interview!