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Joshua Owner
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5 months ago

Welcome to OnlyBlocks! We are pleased that you are here. We are currently in Open Beta and appreciate everyone's understanding as we try to squish all these little bugs.

We are a cross-platform server so you may join on Bedrock as well as Java! We offer a wide variety of things for every player. Are you someone who likes to grind and farm? With McMMO, custom tools, and a custom farming system, you'll always have fun mining your life away or harvesting your acres of crops. You can also create your own land in order to protect your items or profit from it by renting/selling it out. You can also sell your stuff in our custom player shops down in the market. Maybe you could get a pretty penny for that pickaxe that you're so proud of. No matter the type of player, we have something for everyone. If we don't have something, maybe it'll get added since we are adding new items every day!


So come join us and start your journey today!

Java IP: play.onlyblocks.net

Bedrock IP:

Bedrock Port: 19132


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